All you need to know about breast reconstruction

July 15, 2021

Hello to all my readers, this week I have a new story to share about a young patient who came from Houston, Texas to Costa Rica last Friday to enhance her breast shape and contour. She went to see her plastic surgeon and told me this:  “ the Dr. started by explaining to me about the procedure:

“A breast reconstruction is designed to rebuild a breast after a lumpectomy (when a portion of breast tissue is removed) or mastectomy (when the whole breast is removed). There are different types of reconstruction with different options, all aimed at helping you feel comfortable and confident.”

The first question I asked was: “how am I going to look?” and he said “you may look very similar — but it depends on the procedure, your body, and what you choose to do with the reconstruction.”

Whether you’re a mom who’s breastfed and wants to change the shape of your breast, or if you’ve been small-breasted your whole life and dreamed of what it’d be like to go up a cup size (or two), or if the large size of your breasts have caused back pain and you’ve always wanted a reduction, you have the option to do so. That’s why breast reconstruction patients are some of the happiest patients.

The patient said to him: “will I have the same sensation?”

And he said: “your breast(s) may feel different, and you may lose some sensation, particularly in the nipple. This is because many nerves are interrupted during the reconstruction.”

Although nerves can regrow, it may take a significant amount of time, so sensation may be diminished for a  year or two after the surgery.

The patient asked him about implants type and he said “there are different shapes (round and teardrop), and certain types (smooth, textured exterior).”

Additionally, he gave her these recommendations to prepare for surgery: “Don’t radically alter your daily routine as changes can induce anxiety and overhydrate you.  Eat a high-carbohydrate diet, like prepping for a marathon.  Overall, you’re preparing your body for something that will require a lot of recovery.  Get as much sleep as you possibly can.”

Breast reconstruction is a wonderful procedure and it will restore your self-confidence while giving you a great figure.

As always, my blogs are not intended to give medical advice.  Please be sure to see your doctor for advice and any exams needed for the procedures you wish.

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Picture of a woman happy with the results of her breast reconstruction procedure she had in Costa Rica.
Picture of a woman happy with the results of her breast reconstruction procedure she had in Costa Rica.

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