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July 3, 2021

Hello to all my readers, this week I have a new story to share about a patient who came to Costa Rica recently to get that “magical mommy makeover” procedure which is a combination of different plastic surgery procedures which will change your life.  Her name is Shirley, and she came from Phoenix, Arizona with the goal of changing her body shape after having 3 kids.

She told me that the procedures she needed were crystalized during the pre-surgery consultation with her plastic surgeon.  He explained “A mommy makeover is not a set number of specific procedures.  The makeover is customized for what you need to restore your body back to the way it was.  It is about addressing changes in the breasts, waist, abdomen, body, belly, as well as, sometimes, the inner and outer thighs.”

He further explained “In your case, we need to tighten, lift, tuck and contour the subcutaneous fat with liposuction and we will combine this with a full tummy tuck”.  Sometimes, for those of you with a minimal abdomen protrusion, only a mini-tummy tuck is needed which is a more limited incision with no muscle tightening.

The surgeon went on to say “Regarding your breasts, they will be restored to their pre-pregnancy shape.”   And to make them the perfect shape, “We will fill the breast volume that was lost during changes to the breasts over time, especially after breast-feeding.  We will do a breast lift, add implants and also perform a breast reduction to perfectly form the breasts to the best anatomical shape for your body”.

For breasts, sometimes a breast augmentation (implants) alone is enough to lift the breasts, and a reduction is not needed.  But very often augmentation is combined with a breast lift and sometimes a reduction in order to raise the position of the breasts, lift the nipples up to where they should be, and reshape the profile to give a more natural and pleasing appearance.

For other patients, the volume and size of the breasts may be fine and a breast lift is all that is needed (no implants or reduction).

The plastic surgeon explained to her “For the abdomen area, many mothers need the muscles tightened, as in your case, because the muscles have become stretched from your pregnancies. So you will have a full tummy tuck which will be done along with liposuction of the abdomen and waist”

In cases like this, because the fat layer has thickened, the doctor will perform liposuction during the tummy tuck to trim and flatten the abdomen.  Additionally, the surgeon will remove excess skin where needed, many times removing some or all of unsightly stretch marks.  The result will be a beautiful, perfectly shaped abdomen that is restored to the way it used to be.

A word about liposuction:   The top plastic surgeons in Costa Rica use a form of liposuction called “tumescent liposuction”.  Unlike “lunch-time” liposuction approaches (laser-assisted) which either freeze or heat the fat under the skin (which can pose risk factors), tumescent liposuction is the most appropriate procedure for both large and small areas of fat and gives the best predictable results

With the tumescent approach, the doctors use normal size cannulas to remove large amounts of fat in areas where needed, and smaller cannulas for fine-tuning and flattening targeted areas that have residual fat deposits.  Tumescent liposuction is always performed under general anesthesia, so you will be completely asleep.  Up to 5 pounds of fat can be removed in this procedure, so you can expect to achieve excellent results.

For the thighs area, the doctors typically perform a thigh lift, which is designed to achieve the best results.  For Shirley, the doctors explained that she would have hanging skin (loose flabby skin) if both surgery and liposuction were not performed.  In her case, she had a surgical thigh lift so the lower part of her thighs would be lifted up to a higher position, along with tumescent liposuction to fine-tune and give her a smooth, natural contour to the thighs.

In short, a mommy makeover is very customizable,  It addresses a variety of issues and procedures that can be done over time in stages, if you wish.  However, many procedures can easily be done in one surgery, in one visit.

The results of a mommy makeover can be dramatic and self-empowering.  They can also be done with minimal procedures, as example perhaps only a breast augmentation and just a little liposuction.  A three hour procedure can change your life, and after a short 5 day recovery, you will be looking brand-new again.

Whether a few procedures or many, always choose a board certified surgeon with lots of experience who performs surgeries in a properly-licensed facility.

Shirley did exactly that, and today she is a very happy woman, proud of her new body and her new life.

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As always, my blogs are not intended to give medical advice.  Please be sure to see your doctor for advice and any exams needed for the procedures you want.


Picture of a trim woman happy with the results of her mommy makeover procedure she had in Costa Rica.
Picture of a trim woman happy with the results of her mommy makeover procedure she had in Costa Rica.

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