Some great advice for a tummy tuck surgery

June 12, 2020

Hello everyone.  This week I will tell you about one of my patients who came from Houston, Texas last year for a tummy tuck surgery.  She recently contacted me and gave me her experience in retrospect and I am happy to share her information with all my readers:

First she began with the sentence: “why did I wait for so long? I tried all the exercise I could for 4 years after having my last baby without realizing I was making my diastasis worse and my pooch bigger.  I finally made up my mind to begin my research about where to go and how much budget I would need. The first thing I knew is the fact I could not afford it in the USA so I found out that Costa Rica was the best option for me to travel to, because of its great reputation in medical tourism, closeness to me and the exceptional plastic surgery they did combined with low prices. “

“I am so glad I took my time to research and choose my plastic surgeon going through reviews, videos from previous patients and before and after pictures along with the doctor’s credentials and experience in the field.  I finally decided to go for it and, believe me, my level of satisfaction with the surgery is a solid 10 because I now have the abdomen and waist I dreamed of.”

“The doctor looked at my photos before I booked my trip and a good point was the fact he advised of the need for getting liposuction along with the tummy tuck, and yes, it was the perfect combination for the waist line and flat belly I wanted to have.”

“I think choosing a doctor you trust and shares in the vision that you have for your self-image goals is important. “

“Looking back, I was extremely fortunate to go through the Medical Group of Costa Rica (here is their link).  They answered all of my questions and handled everything for me.  The trip was wonderful and the results of surgery better than anything I could have imagined.”

“They advised me of the proper number of days recovery time I needed because this is a significant surgery and they helped me plan it right.  The low cost was amazing and their doctors are the best ever.”

Another piece of advice for anyone considering a tummy tuck would be to make sure you have supportive and well-trained people around you for postoperative care for at least the first 7 days following your procedures. Rest and recovery are as important as the surgery itself.  The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn is the best surgery recovery inn in Costa Rica (link here)

Also make sure you have a box of cough drops on hand, just in case, since coughing post-surgery can be uncomfortable.

You will be wearing a garment (medical girdle) following surgery, so be sure to bring some soft cotton t-shirts to put between your skin and the garment.  It is very comfortable that way.

Also, when returning home (on the 8th day) you should give your body a little extra time of a week or two for more recovery.

My friend summed up her experience this way:  “At the end of my journey, I came to the conclusion that having a tummy tuck was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I am very pleased with the outcome and my profile is perfect.  My tummy tuck was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, and as time goes by, month after month, my stomach looks better and better.  My abs get more defined and I become slimmer and tighter.  It’s a life-changer!”

As always, I hope this article is helpful for anyone thinking about getting a tummy tuck procedure.

I will give you a couple of good sources for prices and information that will be helpful to you:

Tummy Tuck with Liposuction

Tummy Tuck with Abdomen and Waist Liposuction

While having plastic surgery in Costa Rica, you may stay here:


In upcoming blogs, I will give you more tips and advice about health and happiness when planning medical procedures.

As always, my blogs are not intended to give medical advice.  Please be sure to see your doctor for advice and any exams needed for the procedures you want.

Picture of a tummy tuck patient showing the results of her Abdominoplasty she had in Costa Rica.
Picture of a tummy tuck patient showing the results of her Abdominoplasty she had in Costa Rica.


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